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Why Everyone Should Take A Few Self-Defence Classes

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Australia is not known as a country with a high crime rate, and many people, rightly, feel perfectly safe whenever they are out and about. However, that does not mean one should be lackadaisical in their approach to their own safety. A little bit of training can make a huge difference when it comes to self-defence, and it is a rudimentary skill set that everyone should try and obtain, much like swimming or riding a bike. In fact, many people find it quite fun and take on higher levels of self-defence training for personal enjoyment, but everyone should have at least the basics learned, and here's why. 

Training The Mind

While physically being able to respond to an aggressor is very helpful, often the most important improvement you will get from a self-defence class is knowing how to react and stay focused during a hostile event. Many people simply shut down during any sort of confrontation because they are so out of their comfort zone. Self-defence classes will help you stay calm and focused so that you know if you should make a move and when to do so, whether that be going along with the robbery, running away or, if necessary, fighting back. 

Weight Difference

A big reason why self-defence classes are so helpful for the bulk of Australian's is that, in a hostile situation, often you will be giving away the size advantage to your opponent. Height and weight are huge determining factors in almost all amateur fights unless one is well trained and the other is not. There are ways to use the size and weight of an opponent against them and utilise your advantages in a way that would be unexpected. If you are on the smaller side of things, self-defence is an absolute must.

Any Age

In almost all physical encounters, the person attacking you is looking for an easy win or a quick solution. That is why older or very young people are obvious targets. Self-defence can help those of any age, from kids to grandparents, to get better at protecting themselves and fending off attacks. Most of the time if it is clear you are not as easy a target as they thought, they will simply go find someone else who is. At the very least, you give yourself the best chance at fighting back, while also learning valuable transferrable skills, such as cardio training, mental acuity under pressure and balance.