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4 Signs Your Boat Needs Urgent Repairs and Servicing

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Nothing feels as frustrating as your boat failing while in the water. It can turn a rather lovely day into a complete ordeal. However, this doesn't have to be the case. You can resolve some of these issues with preventative maintenance and marine services from your boat dealership. But how can you identify a faulty boat and when to take it for repair and servicing? Read on to learn four warning signs that it is time to take your boat for repairs and maintenance. 

Difficulties While Steering

If you experience problems while steering your boat, this is an obvious sign that it needs urgent repairs. Typically, you might experience difficulties turning or a completely stuck steering wheel. Whichever the case, this might indicate a severe mechanical problem or that the boat is running low on hydraulic fluid. Topping up the fluid might resolve the issue, but don't hesitate to take your boat for prompt repairs if the problem persists.  

Splutters and Power Loss

Is your boat losing power and coming to a stop while it should be running full steam, even on a full fuel tank? If you experience this problem, your boat is likely having a filter problem. It's always recommended to have a spare filter on your boat to tackle this shortcoming. However, if you don't have one, consider removing and cleaning the filter of any dirt, debris or accumulated water. After that, vent your boat's engine box before restating it. If this doesn't fix the problem, take your boat for immediate repairs and servicing.

Intense Vibrations

It's absolutely normal to feel minor vibrations from the boat's engine. However, there's a problem when the engine vibrates intensely when accelerating. In most cases, this problem arises from a faulty propeller. Damaged blades will affect the boat's balance, resulting in intense vibrations you've been experiencing. Other likely culprits for loss of balance are fishing lines, ropes and debris caught in the prop or when it hits an object that causes deformation on the metal. It's difficult to notice this issue, meaning you need to take your boat for professional servicing.

A Leaking PSS Shaft Seal

Like any other component on your boat, the PSS shaft seal requires regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that it is in good working condition. Leakage might be caused by damaged seal faces, pressure imbalance or accumulation of debris. Take your boat for immediate servicing and PSS shaft seal replacement if you notice this problem.

If your boat experience these four signs, take it for professional servicing from a reputable marine service provider.